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  • Friday, August 5, 2011

    Landscaping: Another Easiest Way to Lessen What You are Carrying.

    Humans are the best creation of God. We are given talents, knowledge, and most especially emotions on how to sympathize and empathize with other living and non-living things made also by our Creator. We, humans, were created differently from God’s other creations because we were given a heart to use it to create something different. We have lots of ways on how to show our emotions and these emotions bring us to indulge in other things where we think reflects what we feel.
    Landscaping interests me more because it’s one of the ways where I can express myself. Some people escape from their problems by just being in a garden or being close to nature. It is another way of relieving the pain we feel. Though it just does a half the part of escaping from problems at least what we are carrying inside were lessened by our garden. Our creative imagination teaches us to apply it for the things that interest us the most. Designing, planning, and applying it to what garden we are looking for is just the same as in decision-making. Though were almost done in planning still we normally figure out that there is still not enough to our planning. During applying and designing, as we compared ourselves in designing a landscape, we encounter problems and changes. Changes that should be put correctly for what we’ve done before.

    As a human, it’s natural that we encounter difficulties. Regret is always at the end. We can no longer step back just to correct and place it the right way. The best is that we learn from these mistakes. Comparing ourselves in creating a garden, what we find out makes our garden look bad to the eyes but we can still change it for something better which satisfy others and most especially creates a difference in you.


    1. I like your philosphical thoughts interwoven with garden design. Makes it all less clinical and encases the true spirit of gardening

    2. Lovely sentiments that I share. Alexander I am trying to process you for Blotanical but need you to add the Blotanical banner to your blog. You can find the banner at

      Let me know when you are finished. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    3. Good luck with all your gardening endeavours. I hope designing continues to help you in the ways you have described poetically here.