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  • Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Garden Design without Spending Too Much

    Design is another way why most of us appreciate landscaping. It brings a good feeling watching your home garden having such a nice design. There are lots of ways in designing a garden. Others mostly preferred making a design that would describe their personality while some make a garden based on the article they read of by the influence of other person. Having a good garden design doesn’t mean we need to spend too much money for the design we want. So here are my suggestions on how to have a design without spending too much.
    Recycle. Some of us after using empty cans, toys, and other things that looks waste for us, we just throw it on the garbage. We don’t even realize that we destroy our environment and we don’t anymore think that in a trash we could make a design out of empty cans, toys, etc. Aside from we can used it as a design, don’t you think that it is another source of income that you may use to buy for other materials you may need in landscaping. Using creative imagination brings about a good thinking on how to use a thing over and over again in a nice creation.
    Use plants mostly seen in your surroundings. Choosing plants is a big aspect we need to consider in making a design for your landscape. Other plants may look good while some are hard to insert in our garden due to its characteristics. We don’t need to buy plants that we may be use in designing a garden, just turn around and you’ll probably found plants that would fit to your landscape design. Buying plants cost too much. In fact, those plants that are seldom can be seen in our surroundings cost expensive. There are other plants we just ask to have from our neighbors so why must buy plants. The important thing is you know how to care plants so that it will make your garden beautiful.
    Branch of trees is not only for firewood but also for designing. After a typhoon, I saw my neighbor picking those stem and branch of trees. I wonder why he didn’t use it as firewood instead uses it to attach orchids. We can make lots of design in trees such as by making it as bench, you can place plants vase to it, make a good design out of it. By means of what he did, it only proves that in any thing we saw that looks a trash for us, can brings a nice look in our landscape.
    Just be creative! Creativity doesn’t require spending too much. In fact, it’s a way to save money


    1. Yes, by all means, garden design shouldn't cost an arm and a leg!

    2. I never seen this part of you, just now. Indeed, you're a silent artist.