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  • Thursday, August 4, 2011

    Center of Attraction

    Designing a garden doesn’t end in just planting and organizing your plants. You can make a difference in your landscape by means of placing different styles, crafts, and other things that can contribute in making your garden a center of attraction.
    Here are some of my suggestions to have a standout garden design:
    Lights. Lighting is one of the major factors the gives attraction to your landscape especially at night. Choosing the lights that fit to your garden design is probably one of the more interesting parts in home garden design. That’s because lights create a reflection that makes your garden colorful even at night.
    Crafts. Choosing crafts is another aspect we need to consider in an ideal garden design. We may place different kinds of craft in our garden but of course choose crafts that fits your garden’s theme. Say for instance, if your garden is a modern type design you should choose crafts that would fit to your garden design ideas. We can also use crafts, wherein, we can also place lights inside of it.
    Rocks. Different rocks considering its size, texture or color creates attraction to your ideal garden. It may serve as boundaries for your plants and usethem to prevent your plants from getting damaged animals or heavy rain. Choosing rocks is another way to consider to achieve an idealistic landscape.
    Plants. Any type of plant can create a different view in your garden. Flowering plants create a colorful garden. It doesn’t only gives attraction to your garden but it makes your ideal garden design look lush. What I’m trying to say, is that it prevents your plants looking plain to the viewer.
    Creativity in choosing a theme for your garden is a big aspect we need to consider to achieve an idealistic home garden design. Using such things helps us to give life in your landscape. It’s not only for our viewers why we made our garden attractive but it also symbolizes our personality as well. Garden design reflects our personality through the way we care for our nature and continuing our purpose as to why our Creator made us.

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