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  • Thursday, August 4, 2011

    Create Difference! Landscape shouldn’t be Escape.

    Personality doesn’t always revolve in personal aspects, the way we think indeed is another aspect that totally describes one’s life. Creativity brings us remarkable results. It reflects in everyone’s personality and with this we can distinguish everyone.
    Landscape designing interest me more. I highly appreciated homes having nice landscape and absolutely applied it in our home. Though some of it is hard to make by being expensive, I looked around for other probable resources that add my landscape more attraction. We may think that it’s just a trash, but using creativity made your landscape attracted to the viewer and the good thing is you help the environment in recycling things we think is just a waste. There are lots of plants to choose just organize it on its proper place where it should be placed. Kinds of rocks also added attraction to your landscape and even a piece of tree branch is useful in beautifying your garden. The most important in having a landscape is that you choose a place where in your plants adapt to the environment you wish it should be. Types of soil are also relevant for your plants, proper sunlight, and fertilizer makes your plants grow abundant in nourishments. I don’t know why landscaping interest me more. Only I know it made me relax and I love organizing things. While seated on the bench our own landscape reminds of brings back good memories and even thinking of future.
    Choosing kinds of plants, rocks, and other things that made landscape a landscape is just like choosing your career. We choose a career that would fit to our expertise and above all to our interest. That is why being a computer graduate interest me more and through landscaping I applied it to my chosen course. Creativity an initiative teaches me to be a productive programmer.

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