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  • Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    Landscape: A Gateway to One’s Personality

    Have you ever wonder why most people indulge in landscaping or home gardening? Is there a time that comes into your mind that landscaping creates a difference in yourself or in your personality? Being fresh in this kind of hobby or should I say career, landscaping interests me more because of some reasons:
    ·         Beautify our Surroundings:
    Absolutely landscaping makes your home or your favorite place attracted to the viewers. It creates good impressions on the eyes and the important thing is it relieves stress. It’s such a nice feeling having a style in your surrounding because it promotes positive thinking to a person experiencing negative emotion.
    ·         Contributes to reduce Earth’s destruction:
    Planting is one way that helps reducing Earth’s destruction. Plants help the environment not only for beautification but through giving us the most important gas, the oxygen. It helps reduce the heats we experience during summer and helps in conserving the energy.
    ·         Source of Income:
    Selling plants nowadays is another way in supporting daily needs. I experience a family just by selling plants raised their children as a professionals. Imagine you don’t only create attractions to the others but plants on its own create income to yourself.
    ·         Promotes Creativity:
    Definitely landscaping is one way to be a creative. With this, it builds our personality that in a simple way we can make a difference. You don’t need to be a rich person to provide all your needs in your landscape, just look around and you’ll find things that make your gardening create attractions. The bottom line is creativity.

    No matter what is the reason why you’re doing landscaping, the most important to remember is you’re enjoying it. You don’t need to be a graduate in this kind of field to create a best design as long as it interests you more. Our interest put us to create a difference. A difference that totally changes one’s personality that brings a success to us.

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